Multi Touch Pad & Virtual Scrolling

The iPazzPort Multi-touch TouchPad is an input device that detects finger position using an array of capacitive sensor lines integrated into a PC board. The iPazzPort TouchPad module provides:

High-sensitivity to and immunity from the effects of moisture condensation on the TouchPad surface.
Includes a special EdgeMotion feature, which allows drag outside the maximum bezel opening dimensions to continue past the edge of the pad. When the user’s finger reaches the edge of the pad, the cursor continues to move in the desired direction.
The iPazzPort TouchPad module is a two-button mid-size TouchPad, with Virtual Scrolling implemented in the firmware.


Virtual Scrolling allows the user to scroll through documents without moving the pointer away from their work. When the user slides one finger up and down the right edge of the TouchPad, the contents of the current window scroll vertically.

The firmware decodes a finger gesture on the right edge of the TouchPad as the intent to scroll. The TouchPad sends scroll packets in response to this gesture.