iPazzPort-USA – Mini Wireless Keyboards

At the forefront of Mini Wireless Keyboard technology, iPazzPort-USA continues to lead the way with our innovative line of iPazzPort devices. Offering Plug-and-Play functionality, the iPazzPort allows for full access and control of your PC or laptop from over 30 feet away!

Built into each iPazzPort model is a full QWERTY keyboard, a responsive mouse TouchPad and dedicated multimedia controls. Options included on many models include Bluetooth, multi-touch TouchPad, laser pointer and our own ITV service. The iPazzPort suite is designed to meet any Mini Wireless Keyboard need…or want!.

Leverage the built-in entertainment capabilities of your existing PC or laptop and create your own Home Entertainment System without the need for an aftermarket set top box and other expensive hardware. Pair any iPazzPort remote with a High Speed Internet Connection, a large format viewing platform (Plasma, LCD or Projector) and your existing computer and you can start watching TV, movies and online entertainment effortlessly!

With either RF or Bluetooth connectivity, your computer does not even need to be in the same room. Entertain your family and impress your friends with a first class system for a fraction of the cost of a set top system!

Free Internet TV – Thousands of Channels!

Watch Video On Demand, & Control Your PC From A Distance!

Use the iPazzPort to…

  • Control Your PC or Laptop From Over 30 Feet Away
  • Effortlessly Surf, Point and Click on the Built-In TouchPad
  • Quickly type on the Full QWERTY Keyboard with Multimedia Controls
  • Plug & Play in Minutes– Enjoy Your Entertainment, Your Way
  • View Thousands of Free Internet TV Programs
  • Watch Movies via DVD, Blu-Ray, YouTube and your Favorite On-Demand Service
  • Instant Message, E-Mail, and Skype