Multi Touch Pad & Virtual Scrolling

All iPazzPort keyboards equipped with Touchpads come standard with multi-touch functionality that detects finger position using an array of capacitive sensor lines integrated into a PC board. The iPazzPort TouchPad module provides:

  • High-sensitivity to, and immunity from, the effects of moisture condensation on the TouchPad surface.
  • Includes a special EdgeMotion feature, which allows drag outside the maximum bezel opening dimensions to continue past the edge of the pad. When the user’s finger reaches the edge of the pad, the cursor continues to move in the desired direction.
  • The iPazzPort TouchPad module is a two-button, mid-size TouchPad with Virtual Scrolling implemented in the firmware.
  • Finger gesture recognition for pinch, zoom, scroll, and flip actions


HID Compliance

The USB Human Interface Device Class (USB HID Class) is a part of the USB specifications for computer peripherals; it specifies a device class of computer hardware for Human Interface Devices such as keyboards, mice and gaming controllers. Many predefined functions exist in the USB HID class. These functions allow hardware manufacturers to design a product to USB HID class specifications and expect it to work with any software that also meets these specifications.

[Any device that is connected to an iPazzPort Keyboard must be HID Compliant in this regard.]

Multi-Media Keys

Mulit-Media keys are simple well known keys used for familiar functions like: Play, Pause, Next, Previous, Mute, Volume Up, and Volume Down. They are essential for viewing Home Theater via the Personal Computer (HTPC) as well as controlling the volume of your speakers, Skype Voice peripherals or headphones.

All iPazzPort models come with Multi-Media keys for integration into any Smart TV /HTPC environment.

Laser Pointers

Many iPazzPort models come equipped with built-in, push button activated Laser Pointers. This is a great tool for lecturers, teachers, and business presenters who need to highlight particular areas of content while positioned away from their overhead presentation or demonstration.


The iPazzPort Mini Wireless Keyboards are compatible with a variety of Smart TV and Google TV set top boxes and are a perfect complement to your Home Theatre Personal Computer (HTPC).
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