Phones just aren’t for talking anymore.

Today, 30% of mobile users use their smart phone or tablet for various multi-media applications like watching movies, listening to music, and playing games. In conjunction, Android OS technology has surpassed all other mobile computing devices in market penetration and application development.

A Mini Android PC takes the familiar format of your Android Tablet or Smartphone and puts it into a pocket sized computer. By connecting the Mini Android PC to your TV or projector via HDMI you can not only create your own Smart TV; you can create a PERSONAL COMPUTER right on your TV screen!

Create Your Own Smart TV System

With a Mini Android PC, you can have the affordability of an Integrated Smart TV offering, the expanded menus and directories of Set Top Boxes, the dynamic flexibility of Google TV Android OS applications and the HD television and A/V superiority of an HTPC system.

That’s right, download all of your favorites from the Google Play Store and access your office documents, listen to Pandora, check Gmail, surf the web, watch movies, play Angry Birds, trade stocks, set your fantasy lineup–Anything you can do on a smartphone or tablet, you can now do on your Television! Have too many apps? Use the SD card slot and expand your storage to 32 GB.

Take your Mini Android PC Beyond Watching TV and Movies

Music and Entertainment are now more portable than ever and virtual offices are replacing more and more cubicles every day. With an iPazzPort keyboard enabled with Interactive Voice Technology you can extend your device’s portability and functionality in both the home and office environments.

Create your Own Mobile Office

By combining the functionality of an iPazzPort keyboard with our own Mini Android PC, you can create a powerful, integrated business tool. Imagine walking into a meeting and doing a PowerPoint presentation without a laptop! It’s easy with our Mini Android PC Bundle, a projector or TV and an SD card or a cloud based database like Dropbox.

The iPazzport Mini Android PC is so small that it can fit inside your pocket and conveniently be taken anywhere you go, even when you travel abroad. When you get to your destination, hotel room or virtual office you can easily plug it into any monitor or TV and you will have access to all of your work documents, presentations, games, video content and your entire digital life by accessing your cloud content.

Forego traveling with a bulky laptop and breeze through security lines at the airport with your computer in your pocket!

Home Entertainment Device

If you listen to music, audio books or watch movies at home from a laptop or tablet, using the included ear-bud headphones allows you to listen privately to your content without disturbing others in the household. Plus, having up to 33ft. in range allows you to move freely around the house and extend your listening area.

Pandora, Spotify, eBooks and your own MP3 music can stream seamlessly to your iPazzPort from your personal computer, eliminating the need for another portable device, such as an iPod or an MP3 player.