Always miss your tiny apple tv 4th remote ? Please use this mini Bluetooth keyboard to make that a history.

Own an apple tv 4th? always miss that tiny remote? Then , the following mini Bluetooth keyboard is really a must have for you.
As you know ,the siri remote for apple tv 4th remote is pretty powerful,which makes it almost all the attraction to the fourth generation.
While,the black remote is so small that it is most likely to vanish in dark room ,slip into the cushion crevice ,disappear in the bed ,drop to the ground and even go from your pocket to the washing machine–
You have to spend much time in searching the whole room and miss some wonderful shots on the scene ;more ever, if you lose or ruin that pricey powerful remote ,you have to cost much to get a new one to activate the tv to pair other remote or install app–
That is really a pain in the neck.
Fortunately ,this will never happen with the event of the ipazzport mini Bluetooth keyboard kp-810-56S.
This keyboard is an average Bluetooth keyboard with a back embedded case to hold your siri remote together tightly and the dimension remains the same.
The key side of this average keyboard is white .The combination (once you insert the remote into the back case)is very comfortable in hand ,further more,the keyboard will protect and make bigger your tiny remote ,your cushions can’t eat your remote any more–
This mini Bluetooth keyboard in exclusive and effective design is sure yo save your money ,you time and keep you up with every amazing snap.a mini Bluetooth keyboard with back case to hold atv 4 remote together

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