Welcome to UNISEN-USA

Welcome! Thank you for you interest in UNISEN-USA and our line of Mini-Wireless Keyboards and other cool products.

Leverage the built-in entertainment capabilities of your existing PC or laptop and create your own Home Entertainment System without the need for an aftermarket set top box and other expensive hardware. Pair any iPazzPort remote with a High Speed Internet Connection, a large format viewing platform (Plasma, LCD or Projector) and your existing computer and you can start watching TV, movies and online entertainment effortlessly!

With either RF or Bluetooth connectivity, your computer does not even need to be in the same room. Entertain your family and impress your friends with a first class system for a fraction of the cost of a set top system!


  1. Zachary Pierce

    WOW!! what a great site. I love your products and it’s nice to see how UNISEN constantly improves.

  2. mookieray

    I recently purchased the 810-16R Air Mouse and I have to say it is a great remote. At first I was skeptical that the mouse functions would work without a true touchpad, but the gyroscopic controls are dead on and accurately guide the mouse throughout the screen. This is an A+ and a great invention. Thanks

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