iPazzPort™ MidPad Voice 2.4Ghz RF Mini Wireless Keyboard and Multi Touchpad with Integrated Voice Technology for Speech to Text Functions KP-810-22V

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iPazzPort™ MidPad Voice 2.4Ghz RF Mini Wireless Keyboard and Multi Touchpad with Integrated Voice Technology for Speech to Text Functions KP-810-22V

USD 35.99 USD 29.99

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Product Description

The Unisen-USA iPazzPort KP-810-22V with Integrated Voice Technology features a MidPad design, putting the QWERTY keypad comfortable within reach for Thumb Typing & the multi touchpad in the middle of the layout. Included is a built in speaker & microphone with a 3.5mm jack that fits all common Headphones. Multimedia keys fill the top row of the keyboard along with F1-F8 keys.

What is Interactive Voice Technology (IVT)?

IVT is an integrated driver on iPazzPort Voice equipped Keyboards. Unisen is the only manufacturer capable of delivering this exciting, proprietary technology. Use with your existing personal computer or when bundled with one of our Mini Android PCs to meet the latest functionality of today”s software applications.

What can you do with IVT?

Maximize the Capability of your Multimedia Experience with IVT. Create content, suggest web searches, dictate documents, initiate internet phone calls, & listen to music all from your iPazzPort Keyboard.

Skype, Google Talk and QQ Integration

Make phone calls with your iPazzPort keyboard by utilizing the built-in speaker and mic or through headphones. During a call, the keyboard still allows for full operation of your PC device.

Speech to Text Recognition

Speech Recognition software makes it easier for anyone to use a computer. As you talk, the software recognizes your voice & types the words you speak. This is great for people with limited mobility, arthritis or physical handicaps.

Package Contents: One 810-22V Voice Keyboard, One USB Receiver Dongle, One Mini USB charging cable, One Users Manual
Integrated Voice Technology, 2.4Ghz Wireless Keyboard with Speaker and Microphone
Multi touch Touchpad with scrolling recognizes finger gesture actions to control mouse functions, drag and mouse wheel
Backlit keyboard for use in darkened environments and built in Laser Pointer
Internal Lithium Ion Battery with up to 75 hours of use per charge and 400 hours of standby time
2.4Ghz USB Radio Receiver, stored securely in the side of the Keyboard has a range of up to 33 Ft.

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