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Unisen - iPazzPort is the most successful Mini Remote Wireless keyboard manufacturer in the world.  We have manufactured and sold more than two million keyboards and remotes under our own brand and many widely known brands.

Our products cover the entire marketplace of Mini wireless keyboards with HID compatibility including; WiFi, Bluetooth and IR, we have keyboards with auto-learning features that can help eliminate multiple remotes, voice command,  back-lit, gaming, gyro 2D/3D  Flying Air Mouse.  Compatibility includes working with all types of the new external TV options for remotes like; Roku*, Android TV, Apple TV* and Raspberry Pi.*

Buying iPazzPort directly from the manufacturer is the best option you can get to protect you from Clones.

*** This site accepts all forms of payment via PayPal* the most secure form of payment and warranty for consumers who want to buy directly from the manufacturer and get; reliable warranty, assurance of credit refund, and most importantly new authentic iPazzPort equipment. ***

Android TV, Raspberry Pi* BEST Keyboard

Right now a very high number of consumers are exploring less costly options for television viewing.  These products are usually terrific except their remotes are rudimentary and cumbersome to use.

Several hundred thousand consumers have bought iPazzPort's  upgraded highly functional KP-810-21s from Amazon*, eBay* and Walmart*.

We have several versions of the 21s; white or black colors, back-lit with different color lights (especially helpful when you are watching a movie and the lights are off), mouse pads for quick key selection when searching most devices, joy sticks for even faster searching and playing games on these devices wirelessly.

Priced fairly products from iPazzPort directly are your best buying choice.

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UNISEN AUTOPLAY - 7" Monitor enhances car/cell phone experience

Many people use the cell phone to navigate local and distance driving.  It is a good solution but somewhat hazardous to look at that small cell phone screen while you are driving.  Sometimes driving situations arise that require you to figure whats coming or what did you just  past?

Our parent company Unisen Ltd. designed a monitoring system for your car that provides a 7" display of your cellphone while navigating that is; bigger, can be used without holding the cell phone and can be placed strategically on the dashboard without averting your eyes from the road.

We make a version that has a front view recording camera on your dash board with 32gb recording memory or for those more mechanical a rear view camera that needs installation by some one experienced with car wiring and such things.

There are so many new cars with built in Navigation that we are selling the Unisen AutoPlay for small money to drivers of older cars

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UNISEN - iPazzPort

Unisen is a engineering and manufacturing company, organized in 1996, that has built 1,000's of product under widely known brands.  Our products are in; cell towers, Televisions, modems, laptop computers and even copiers just to name a few.

iPazzPort is the first entry into our own branded products and we have been very successful selling these products not only under the iPazzPort label but many other labels.

We are known as a reliable engineering and manufacturing source for high technology developments.  Companies come to us to design, develop and manufacture custom products because they know we treat each project as our own project.

Unisen and iPazzPort hold several patents and Trademarks from; Outlook patents to components patents from another of our group Magdotcomm.com.  We were the first company to identify the need for the mini-wireless keyboard.

We have been awarded contracts in the field of space technology, satellite modems, LNB and LNA developments and most likely if you use cell phones or Satellite TV you are using technology that we helped design or manufacture.

In the 1990's we developed dial-up modems for the PC industry and we believe there was a period that we were the largest manufacturer of PC modems at that time.

Counting products we designed, manufactured, assisted in developments and our own product under the iPazzPort brand it is probably safe to say Unisen technology could be in more than 100,000,000 devices world wide.



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